Using Padlet to Create a Continuous Wonder Wall

A Wonder Wall is a wonderful way to stimulate thinking and wondering at the beginning of an inquiry unit. In the past we have often created post-it note Wonder Walls for classroom displays, but then forgotten to return and reflect on our original wonderings. So we tried Padlet, an online collaborative wall.

Why digital?

With Padlet, the students could write their original wonderings on the wall in response to our provocative question. They could then return later and add new insights and information as our inquiries led us to new knowledge and understandings. They could insert pics and links with supporting research. I particularly like Darren’s comment.

“Why do we have gravity? What started gravity? Why do we even need gravity? Why can’t we float? I guess we will never know.”

And later: “I was wrong, we will know what started (sic), as soon as you see that page…”

The class were excited to see posts from a classmate who is traveling in the US this term. She can keep up with our inquiry unit and add to the conversation from across the globe.

A tip if using touch screens, change the layout to a grid format from the start.

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