Using Comments in Word to Examine Poetry


Comments in Word to Examine Poetry with Great Effect.

There is an amazingly powerful poem by Kit Wright, called the “The Magic Box” (Thanks Amesha for the referral), which is incredibly inspiring to children and seems to operate on levels at which adults and children can appreciate.

We read the poem as a class and wove a little magic into the Magic Box mythology, with our own mysterious box that was sitting tantalisingly at the front of the room. Children used the Comments features of Word to highlight and note their thoughts and wonderings about the poem. They combined versions to compare their thoughts/observations with other students. This could be done to an even greater effect with Office 365 and a live Word Doc.


Why Digital?

Using a collaborative document allows students to see and respond to the ideas of other students in the class. They garner new ideas and are challenged by other perspectives. They also come to see that everyone responds differently to poetry and is impacted by different language and ideas. It’s a personal response.




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