OneNote Notebooks- Writer’s Portfolio

 Screencast Movie of OneNote Writer’s Portfolio

I’ve heard a great deal about OneNote and how powerful it is, but never really known where to start with mastering OneNote as a learning tool. So this Semester, I worked with some year 4 writers to develop a OneNote Notebook that would chronicle their journeys as writers.  The students inserted:

  • Examples of inspiring mentor texts
  • Reflections (including survey answers) about themselves as writers
  • Student work samples in poetry that show the drafting, conferencing and editing process
  • Peer feedback
  • Videos of personal poetry readings
  • Illustrations showing personal responses to poetry

Some particularly powerful aspects of the OneNote Writer’s Portfolio were the annotations and links. Students highlighted and commented on aspects of their work, to demonstrate areas where they had learnt a new skill or grappled with an idea. They then used links within the document to connect examples of learning across time. The OneNote Notebook was a particularly powerful tool for learning, as it allowed the students to tell a story about themselves and their personal learning journey. Students learnt to articulate and reflect upon their learning and to show examples of growth. Next year, we will be using OneNote Writing Portfolios to demonstrate learning in writing across the year.

Onenote Writer's Portfolio2Onenote Writer's Portfolio





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