Driving Digital Learning for 400- Whole School thinking!

As an E-Learning Curriculum Leader at our Primary School, I need to think beyond the 29 X lovely year 4s that sit in front of me every day and have to think about driving change and progress in digital learning at a whole school level. This is a bit of a juggling act, which involves detailed curriculum plans, professional conversations, steering the E-Learning Team, whole school PD and driving key projects in strategic areas of the school. Recently we developed and communicated this Map of our Curriculum to help get teachers’ heads around the place of basic ICT skills teaching, putting cyber safety understandings into practice, embedded curriculum uses, as well as some major strategic projects that are driving deeper learning with digital tools. Here I have included the BNPS Digital Skills Scope and Sequence 2015- Years 3-6- Draft which covers the core digital skills that students need to develop across the years 3-6 at our school. Here also is our Cybersafety Curriculum 2015, which supports teachers with Cybersafety platforms and lessons all the way from Foundation to Year 6.

Stay tuned to hear more about some of the exciting Major Projects happening at our school, with our year 3 stop motion animators and year 5 Coders.

Digital Curriculum at BNPS

Digital Curriculum at BNPS– click to enlarge!

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